Elyssia Violet Serum

Ultra Silver Keratin Serum


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Elyssia Violet Serum has a concentrated formula of Keratin which restores and repairs the structure of the hair.

Keratin and luscious oils combine to replace vitality and shine.

The special formula is free from parabens which preserves colour. Combine with Ultra Silver Shampoo and Violet Conditioner, Elyssia Serum provide an intense vitality programme restoring even the most tired hair back to healthy, glossy hair.

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Directions For Use

Elyssia Serum uses a highly concentrated formula. On towel dried hair, dispense a small amount and evenly distribute from root the the ends of the hair. Comb through to acheive an even distribution. Blow dry as normal.

To use before using heated appliances apply to dry hair and comb through fro even distribution. Style as normal.

For a more intense treatment, apply to wet or towel dryed hair and leave to dry naturally.

Key Ingredients